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        City federation of industry and court visit Wanhong textile co., LTD
        2017-05-22 14:15:05

            On March 22 in the morning, the city federation of industry and commerce, the municipal court and judge studio city non-public economic subject civil and commercial disputes about staff visited the federation member enterprise.

        ▲City federation of industry and court officials in workshop research Wan Hong textile co. LTD

              City federation of industry and commerce and court officials a line to visit and survey the Wanhong textile co., LTD., and textile co., LTD., eagle hongxing knitting co., LTD. field research, in-depth workshop and a talk, understand the production and operation of an enterprise, and chairman of the board of directors, general manager with 3 companies to establish contact with court set up by the federation ", the non-public economic subject studio "civil and commercial disputes, the judge work mechanism, provide enterprises with legal consultation platform, solve the legal problems in the enterprise in the process of production and operation to disabuse, coordinate to solve enterprise exist difficulties and problems, and puts forward some Suggestions, in accordance with the law, safeguard and promote the healthy development of enterprises.